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A sure way of getting admitted into deemed colleges

This is an era where both students and parents spend sleepless nights due to anxiety for getting admitted into high ranked engineering colleges. Stiff competition and high benchmarks have created the scenario to be more volatile, where only candidates with apt knowledge and acumen are eligible to pursue their career through studying in deemed engineering colleges. Over and above tuition provided in schools, extra effort is now required through coaching classes which provide tuitions for helping students to be well prepared for the entrance exams and thereby enhance their self confidence.

Necessity of coaching classes

Online coaching centers are available, where the faculty consists of highly qualified professors with vast knowledge on the relevant subjects to provide useful tips and suggestions to enable students to score high marks in the exams. Finding a reputable coaching center is important for ensuring that the tuition provided is in line with the criterion, guidelines and expectations of the examiners. Online search will help to choose the right coaching center which will fulfill the purpose and give in return full worth of the money paid as tuition fees.

Courses offered

Although preparation for the board exams and entrance tests for admission into engineering colleges are concurrent, still, a last minute preparation to hone up the skills in writing and to brush up the finer points in each subject. Courses offered by these coaching centers include:

  • Crash courses, conducted by qualified professors helping in working out previous exam papers and holding mock tests to enable the students to assess themselves.
  • Coaching on Chemistry is also provided to lay special emphasis on the various laws and theories on different topics in the subject. Grueling practicing sessions are conducted where students become expert in complex calculations and deductions.
  • Coaching on Mathematics involve practicing those problems which are expected to come in the entrance exam question paper. Tutors at these coaching centers provide valuable suggestions on the probability of the type of questions that may come.
  • Coaching on Physics is provided to highlight the chapters that are important and on the latest theories related to the core areas of the subject.
  • Test papers are solved by students in the coaching classes which make them adaptable to the type of questions that are expected to come.

Professors attached to these coaching institutes give individual attention to students and even more time in helping them rectify their mistakes. These classes are aimed at making a student get rid of the anxiety and help them to score high marks.

Career Scope for Engineers

Engineering, for long, has been one of the most sought-after academic disciplines. With the ever increasing demand for new and better technology, the trend is expected to continue. The science of Engineering converts theoretical knowledge into practical designs that form the framework for more sophisticated machines dealing with all aspects of modern life – from agriculture to manufacturing and from space to aeronautics.

India has a large number of well-known institutes for engineering that churn out Engineers with highly evolved skills. The internationally renowned IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) rank amongst the best in the world for technical education. Besides the IITs, some of the other institutes of great repute include BITS (Birla Institute of Technology and Science), the NITs (National Institutes of Technology) and many more. On completion of the course, these institutions confer their students with a B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or a BE (Bachelor of engineering) degree.  Engineers graduating from such institutions are in great demand in corporate houses in India and overseas.

A student can choose to specialise in any branch of engineering depending on his or her interest and aptitude. The most sought after branch of engineering is Computer Science & Engineering, mainly because of the demand of such engineers and the high salaries they command. The other popular branches include Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics engineering. There is an overlap in the course structure for Computer engineering, Electrical engineering and Electronics engineering.

Engineers are highly sought-after by organisations for the wide variety of roles. Organisations involved in manufacturing and design seek graduate engineers on a regular basis. Besides the obvious technical jobs, engineering students are also in high demand for jobs that require analysis as a part of their requirements. This is due to the analytical nature of the engineering courses. Highly respected consulting companies, like McKinsey, often seek graduate engineers to perform analytical roles. A lot of engineers have also turned towards entrepreneurship. Several notable high profile entrepreneurs have an engineering background.

The ones inclined towards research can choose to further specialise in their areas of interest by pursuing Masters Courses in engineering. If the student has an inclination and skill towards research, a Masters Course in Engineering is ideally suited for him or her.

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