Monthly Archives: September 2014

IIT is not the end of the road

Many students think that not securing a good rank at the IIT entrance means that is the end of the road and they have spend one more valuable year to study hard again. But they forget that IIT is only one of the entrance exams and there are also other entrance tests like AIEEE apart from the state run entrance exams which also can secure you a seat at some best colleges. Students should not get demotivated and need to concentrate on other entrance tests which more or less follow the same syllabus for the tests. A good rank in AIEEE can get you a seat in one of the NITs where a good rank in the state entrance tests can get you a seat in one of the top colleges in your state. Students must also keep in mind that there would be very few seats at IITs and should also target other top notch institutions.

AIEEE Coaching

With growth in technology and country now placements is not at all a problem. Many top colleges in the states also provide placement services for the engineering students and they need not fear that there would be placements only in IIT. The only difference might be package. Apart from placements the other important aspect is the quality of teaching. Many of the top colleges appoint the best faculty to teach their students and many of them have become successful in their respective fields. These institutes have highly qualified researchers and consultants of extra ordinary caliber.

So students, instead of getting de-motivated try other options like NITs, IIITs, and RECs etc which also provide best resources, teaching faculty and placements. The only thing you need to do is prepare rigorously and have persistence. Faculty must also educate students about the alternatives and motivate them to succeed.