AIEEE Physics Coaching

The syllabus for the physics paper is vast and demanding. It includes topics from areas like physical measurement, kinematics, force, motion, work, energy, power, electronic devices, communication systems and electromagnetic waves. The student needs to have comprehensive knowledge of various theorems, laws and definitions. It is impossible to cover such a large body of work in a short period of time. That is why many students start their preparations much before in advance. They study for their engineering entrance exam side by side with their board exams. They enrol in good coaching classes that give the students plenty of practice in all subjects.

Physics is a combination of theory and practical sums. It is important for the student to be well versed in the theoretical part, but it is also essential for him to be able to apply that theory to the sums that he has to do. There is only a limited amount of time given in the examination within which time the candidate not only has to attempt all the questions, but he also has to get them right. This naturally means that the student would not have much time to spend on each question. He needs to have the answer on his fingertips. There is no room for error since that would mean that the student will have to spend time correcting his answers which would eventually lead to him not having enough time for attempting the other questions. In a marking process that is extremely tight, this is a luxury that the student can ill afford.

The only way to master the sums along with the theory is to practice it repeatedly. There are very few students who have the discipline to practice the sums constantly on their own. This is where the help of a coaching class is so important. The teachers at the coaching institute are prone to given the student regular tests and plenty of exercises to solve. They also make it a point to give them the paper patterns of previous papers to crack. This helps the student pick up his speed and also master the concepts, theorems and laws to such an extent that he can then recall any subject matter at a drop of a hat. In such a vast syllabus, it is impossible for the student to be strong on every topic. The right coaching would help him overcome those areas where he is weak.

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