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Reasons of Downfall of Other IIT Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Gone are the days when dependency on school or college teaching was sufficient for good grades. IIT coaching institutes have become a stepping stone for the students aspiring to have a better future. Going by the tough competition, the students want to study in the best IIT coaching in Delhi. IIT JEE is a test of academic ability and pure intelligence.

One of the significant reasons for the downfall of IIT coaching institutes in Delhi is that they have made coaching a rich man’s game. The fact that people need money for things apart from spending a significant amount of income at the best IIT coaching in Delhi for a child’s education cannot be ignored. It isn’t fair that rich people get more opportunities than the average ones or people with high calibre. Therefore, people prefer centers or cities where the cost of IIT coaching is less. Excel IIT offers a Budget IIT Plan with the lowest fee making it feasible for the average income students.

Further, it has been noted that they are using old teaching methodologies instead of adapting to the latest techniques. Many IIT coaching institutes follow old course content and teaching methodology that adds to the downfall. The result of the students at Excel IIT continues to improve in the last 10 years thereby indicating that they follow latest methods and updated course materials.

Another reason of coaching institute downfall in Delhi is that they do not give importance of Olympiads and KVPY. The coaching institutes believe that Olympiads are simply a distraction from the larger goals. The best IIT coaching institutes in Delhi need to adapt to smart working technique and encourage students in solving practice sheets. Excel IIT conducts regular evaluations for the students that helps them in finding their weak areas and work on it.

Last but not the least, resonance is a significant issue in IIT coaching in Delhi. Delhi offers wide employment and career opportunities that excite the faculties. The faculty have an intention of switching employment due to higher wages and promotional opportunities. The impacts of attrition contribute to the downfall of IIT coaching in Delhi. Such is not the case with Excel IIT as they have the best faculty as all of them are IITians or have a doctorate degree.

India is flourishing with emerging opportunities in the coaching field. Excel IIT offers multiple courses to meet the needs of different students. They offer scholarships for the bright students that is mostly not offered by other IIT coaching institutes. The other coaching institutes needs to ensure that they adapt to the latest techniques and methodologies. The coaching institutes must work on the complaints and feedback provided by the students.

Managing time to crack the competitive AIEEE entrance exam

Managing your study time can be the most crucial part when preparing for competitive entrance exams, such as that for the AIEEE. Improper time management can place a lot of pressure on the students and also affect their future.

How can any student manage the available time to prepare adequately for the different subjects for the AIEEE entrance exam? Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan in advance: The first step is determining how much time is available for you to prepare for the exam. Ideally, start a few months in advance and create a rough plan of the subjects that you plan to cover each week. Ensure that you include enough buffer time for any unplanned events.
  2. Prioritize your study: Create a priority for your education by allocating more time to the tougher subjects and less to easy subjects. You must establish a priority for each and every subject, irrespective of its complexity. Prioritize each subject according to the difficulty levels of its topics.
  3. Keep a track of your progress: Once you have advanced in your preparation, keep a track of your progress. It will help you estimate if you are on schedule or are lagging behind. You can accelerate or slow down according to your tracking.
  4. Follow your schedule: It is the most important thing in exam preparation. Once you have devised an effective schedule that works for you, it is important to follow it with discipline. Along with study time, ensure that you also have a relaxing time to refresh yourself.

In addition to proper time management, it is also important to improve on your limitations and build on your stronger points. It will develop your student learning skills that can help you crack any entrance examination.

Crack competitive exams with the best online AIEEE coaching institutes

Cracking competitive exams have become essential for a student who wants to pursue professional courses like engineering, law or medicine. AIEEE, All India Engineering Entrance Exam, is an entrance test for students aspiring to take up engineering courses for their graduation. The competition is fierce, students who want to crack the exam need to plan and work hard throughout the year to excel in the exams.

There are many coaching classes which can assist the students to prepare for the exams. But, at times students are unable to attend coaching classes along with their school, due to time restriction or commutation problem. Now, technology has resolved this problem and coaching is available online. These online coaching classes are equally competent and competitive as compared to traditional coaching class. There are many advantages of online coaching class, following are some that will compel you to take up online coaching classes.

Qualified teachers are tutors

The tutors of online classes are professors of reputable colleges or IIT alumni. The time commitment in taking online classes is less, thus many professional and qualified people who are interested in teaching take up these classes.

Students need not travel to coaching institute after the school hours, this saves a lot of time and they are less exhausted. While in online classes, they can get guidance at the comfort of the home. And they get additional time to practice their lessons rather than commuting between home and coaching class.

No disturbance
Students can concentrate better when they are studying at home. They do not get disturbed by others in the classes and are able to concentrate and understand better.

Thus, online classes are convenient for students and parents both. Parents need not worry about the safety of the students, make arrangements for their commutation as well as save money, as online classes are cheaper than traditional coaching classes.

Engineering colleges-eligibility criteria, procedure for admission, and course benefit

The demand for engineers has increased over the last few years, not only in India but all over the world due to growth in the IT sector. For People who want to pursue their career in the Technical field there are courses like B.Tech or Bachelors in Technology; these are four-year undergraduate academic courses with a semester system of examination.

The Procedure for taking admission

An All India Common Entrance Examination named JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is held where Aspirants seeking admission in top-level IITs and NITs are required to sit for test. JEE is mainly divided in two parts – JEE main and JEE-Advanced. The top 15,000 candidates who cleared JEE-Main will be allowed to attempt JEE-Advanced. There is the online process for application filling and sending it to the Institute. Another exam like State-level engineering entrance examinations called as CET (Common Entrance Test) is also conducted every year to give admission to professional engineering colleges within the state.

Criteria of Eligibility

Students want to sit, must have cleared the High School Examination, or alike with a minimum of 50% marks. They should have Mathematics and Physics as their subjects in Class XII. Subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Bio-technology should have been their optional subject. The minimum age to pertain for B.Tech is 18 years and the maximum age limit is 23 years i.e. on the date of the exam. Candidates belonging to SC/ST/PD have an upper age relaxation of 5 years to sit for JEE Mains.

Benefits of the Course

There are number of alternatives available after successful completion of B.Tech. People can get job in software industry with their skill, which is irrespective of the branch one has taken during their engineering. The campus placement of IITs and NITs is almost 90% in the top level multi-national companies every year.

IIT is not the end of the road

Many students think that not securing a good rank at the IIT entrance means that is the end of the road and they have spend one more valuable year to study hard again. But they forget that IIT is only one of the entrance exams and there are also other entrance tests like AIEEE apart from the state run entrance exams which also can secure you a seat at some best colleges. Students should not get demotivated and need to concentrate on other entrance tests which more or less follow the same syllabus for the tests. A good rank in AIEEE can get you a seat in one of the NITs where a good rank in the state entrance tests can get you a seat in one of the top colleges in your state. Students must also keep in mind that there would be very few seats at IITs and should also target other top notch institutions.

AIEEE Coaching

With growth in technology and country now placements is not at all a problem. Many top colleges in the states also provide placement services for the engineering students and they need not fear that there would be placements only in IIT. The only difference might be package. Apart from placements the other important aspect is the quality of teaching. Many of the top colleges appoint the best faculty to teach their students and many of them have become successful in their respective fields. These institutes have highly qualified researchers and consultants of extra ordinary caliber.

So students, instead of getting de-motivated try other options like NITs, IIITs, and RECs etc which also provide best resources, teaching faculty and placements. The only thing you need to do is prepare rigorously and have persistence. Faculty must also educate students about the alternatives and motivate them to succeed.

Preparations Required for Getting through Competitive Exams

Today, most of the educational institutes admit students according to their sharpness of mind, knowledge, and abilities in understanding the concepts. For this reason, they keep a common exam for all the students. These exams are designed in such a way as to test the aptitude of the students and known as entrance or competitive examinations.

These exams require a lot of preparation from the students’ side. Competitive exams are totally different from other exams in the way they test the students. They are tested not only for their knowledge, but also for their understanding of the concepts, sharpness of mind, basic common sense regarding the subject, etc.

There are some basic preparations required to clear these types of exams. These include having good self-belief, having proper knowledge about the subject, good management of time and data, sharpness, and last but not the least, trying out several sample papers. The first aspect self belief involves having a strong belief of your abilities as well as belief in yourself. You need to believe that you can clear the exam successfully. The next aspect knowledge about the concepts is quite essential to get through the exam. It can be made perfect by constant practicing of the questions on the concepts. Another important aspect is time management. You need to spend at least 4 hours per day for study, and prepare a timetable for this purpose. Weekly data including the extent of subject completed, number of questions attempted, time utilized for revision, etc. can be recorded. Mind sharpness is another factor when it comes to attempting competitive exams because with this attribute a student can quickly respond to tricky questions. You need to attempt maximum number of questions within a short time. The last and the most important part of the preparation strategy is attempting the sample papers.

In short, with proper preparation, you can easily get through any competitive examination.

AIEEE Coaching to stand out of the crowd

With heavy competition running among today’s students, it is obvious that every student must need a professional guidance to stand out of the crowd in any competition exam. AIEEE is one such test which is being conducted for students across India to get into the top notch engineering colleges. will give you comprehensive information about all the engineering colleges and entrance exams in the country. The website also shares a sea of information and study material that is helpful and beneficial to students preparing for the exams. Coaching classes are also being provided for students by experienced faculty assuring you best ranks and admissions into top universities.

Engineering Aptitude

Engineering is the application of mathematics and science to solve real-life problems. Engineering inclination is characterized by the presence of analytical and problem solving skills, logical and innovative thinking, attentiveness to detail, interest and ability to score high in maths and sciences. Coaching contributes in a significant way to develop and hone all aspects of engineering aptitude and bring out the potential within each student through mentorship, assignments and teaching methodologies. While choosing a coaching institute students and parents should ensure that the institute has proven credentials and well qualified faculties, appropriate faculty and student ratio, and proper systems of testing and response, imparting knowledge and effecting learning.