How to Prepare for IIT JEE Physics

Physics is often considered a horrifying subject, especially when it comes to IIT JEE preparation. No matter how long you have been indulged in preparation, you need to be regular with your studies although this doesn’t come to happen because you have to prepare for your board exams. Since you are left with little time for your revision, it’s better if you have already gone through the physics syllabus. Here are the tips to prepare for IIT JEE exam.

Hone your basics

There should not be an excuse to leave out any topic for preparation. You can club your board and IIT JEE preparation throughout the year. Read all chapters of your NCERT book thoroughly to understand the concept. Practice solving all questions.

Don’t skip these topics

Electrostatics, Oscillation and Waves, Optics and Modern Physics are very popular topics from examination point of view. Don’t forget to use reference books for preparation of these topics.

Join the best IIT coaching in Delhi

The syllabus of Physics is vast and it requires lots of practice to get through the exam. You may try to prepare yourself for IIT Physics, but it will be arduous to understand all topics. Coaching will help you be consistent with your studies. You will be told popular reference books to consult. Mock tests are crucial to analyse if you have been able to attempt all questions correctly in time or not. You can attempt past papers and mock test series only if you join the best IIT coaching in Delhi.

Prepare these mathematical topics

Mathematics and physics are interconnected. You should have a grip on some mathematical topics if you want to ace in physics. Calculus, vector, relations and functions, straight lines, trigonometric functions, integrals, differential equations and limits and derivatives are imperative chapters to revise for physics preparation.

Don’t let doubts harbour in your mind

When you are solving questions and come across doubts, you should immediately put your queries before your tutors. Immediate clearance of doubts is requisite to avoid confusion.

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