Tips for Preparing for IIT Exams

The Indian Institute of Technology’s (IIT’s) Joint Entrance Exams are one of the five most competitive entrance exams across the globe and are held for all the IITs of India. They are carried out on a national level and looked forward to being cracked by millions of students from all over the country. These exams are held every twelve months and call for very few seats in comparison to the number of students appearing.

The first and foremost tip for preparing for IIT exams is proper planning. Students should begin their preparations by strengthening their fundamentals. This would provide them the right platform for a good establishment. ‘Try, try and try till you get exhausted’ before referring to the solutions provided by IIT tutorials is a motto that needs to be followed while attempting to solve the questions.

Managing time well, building tactics of one’s own and not aping other students are keys towards preparing for these exams. Going through the test papers of the last year give a fair idea of the kind of questions put forward and train the students physically and mentally, much in advance. Also, tackling the questions theoretically goes a long way in cracking them and excelling in these exams.

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